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Get to Know ESEAHub

What is ESEAHub?

Powered by YVentures Group Pte. Ltd., a Singapore homegrown investment holding company with businesses ranging from eCommerce to Logistics, ESEAHub has been effectively helping its clients since 2021. We’d like to think that what sets us apart from any other eCommerce company is our wide array of data analytical tools that we use for brand partners and our own in-house brands to sell better on different marketplaces.

Since its establishment, ESEAHub, Asia’s first all-inclusive cross-border portal in the eCommerce industry, has been assisting Foreign Brands to enter the Southeast Asian eCommerce marketplaces, particularly the Indonesian eCommerce marketplaces. Thus far, we have helped a number of Foreign Startups namely DR.FORHAIR; a Korean Health & Beauty Brand specializing in scalp-care shampoo, Besone; a subsidiary of JustNile Singapore that specializes in Health & Beauty, particularly selling anti-hair fall shampoo and skincare, as well as Footpure which also specializes in the Health & Beauty under JustNile Singapore, particularly selling feet deodorant. 

We help these Brands sell their products on various Southeast Asian eCommerce marketplaces with a wide range of SEA audiences, as well as on pop-up stores in Singapore. What makes us an interesting friend to your Brand is that we also provide suggestions for your success, ie. we will let you know what scent Indonesians like the most for your feet deodorant products so you can target the market even better – we won’t be passive, and that is for sure! 

Recently, we focus on executing the overall Digital Marketing Campaign for Scandinavian Eco-fashion Brands that are interested in expanding to Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia.

Why Indonesia, One Might Ask. 

Recently, with Indonesia Fashion Chamber declaring its focus on Sustainability starting in 2020, Indonesian designers are moving towards circular fashion that brings forward simplicity and class. Many Indonesians have since then started to realize that they should alter to sustainable clothes that can last for a long time with more care towards the environment, for the sake of preserving the earth, as inspired by the Nordics. 

Needles to say, as a country with over 165 million online shoppers, that has shifted to online shopping since the pandemic, with an average of 4.3 hours spent online per day – twice the US average, eCommerce has increased by 110% during the pandemic in Indonesia, due to the massive youth population and access to mobile phones and the internet, with Fashion & Beauty standing as the top interest.

In recent years, in fact, there has been an increased presence of Scandinavian Fashion Brands in Indonesia. With H&M as the leader in fast fashion, other notable Scandinavian Brands such as Acne Studios, Ganni, NA-KD, Only, and Vero Moda have made their way to be present in the country. Some Scandinavian Eco-fashion Brands are also available in Indonesia; namely Happy Socks, Nudie Jeans, Fjallraven, and the fancy House of Dagmar.   

It is obvious that the availability of various online marketplaces in the country has encouraged people to shop more online due to its practicality – oh yes, they will deliver your package to your home within 2-3 days with various payment options.

For instance, Zalora focuses the most on Fashion and Beauty products, proven by a wide variety of famous Brands it carries: from Tommy Hilfiger to Valentino and Gucci to Balenciaga. In fact, you can also find Scandinavian Fashion Brands such as Only and Vero Moda on the website and app. Meanwhile, Shopee and Tokopedia sell general product categories where people can find almost everything they need, ranging from clothing to home equipment – these two online marketplaces are similar to the giant CDON in the Scandinavian countries.

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Digital Marketing Solution for Scandinavian Eco-fashion Brands

For this reason, we believe that through this exercise, Scandinavian Eco-fashion Brands can gain feedback from the Indonesian audience, and therefore, evaluate their decision to eventually launch eCommerce. To put it simply, this is a good way for Scandinavian Eco-fashion Brands to brainstorm audiences and test the Asian market they are interested in if it were to be the Indonesian – and not to jump on a decision to sell their products on SEA right away. 

Further, we strongly believe that through the Digital Marketing Campaign we do for Scandinavian Eco-fashion Brands, they can gain many insights, namely:

·         What product works vs doesn’t

·         What target thinks about your brand

·         How to improve branding & product

·         Future content improvement

·         What campaign concept works, and many others.

We will also conduct a thorough reporting on the following areas:

· Reach

· Followers

· Engagement

· Target demographics

· Ads performance

· KOL performance

To cater to your target market even better, we will work with well-known influencers such as Fashion bloggers who have a large following number. To put it simply, we localize your brand via collaborations with influencers (KOLs) as well as build and grow your presence on social media. 

Further, the Fashion market scope that we support is divided into 3 categories:

· Apparel; for men, women, and children

· Shoes and shoe-care products; for men, women, and children including balm for the leather products

· Accessories; for men women, and children including scarves, gloves, hats, purses, bags, jewelry, and many more 

To sum up, among the surveyed SEA countries, the researchers concluded that Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s biggest economy, will continue to nurture the highest growth rate. Its digital consumer population is, in fact, projected to grow by 380 million in 2026 – it will only grow in the future.

So, what now? Contact us and grow your sales globally with ESEAHub.