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Indonesias Booming Digital Economy Despite COVID-19

Indonesia’s digital economy has already been overshadowing its neighbors for some time and, according to a report by Google-Temasek, it is even projected to grow from USD 40 billion to USD 130 billion by 2025. E-commerce is predicted to grow from USD 21 billion to a significant amount of USD 82 billion in the coming five years. 

What is driving this insane growth, one might ask? 

First off, Indonesia already ranks among the world’s top 10 countries for mobile internet usage. In fact, Indonesians are connected to social media accounts almost three and a half hours per day. Twenty-five million “new” Indonesians are getting internet access each year. This happens due to the big youth population there is in the country. 

Secondly, the Indonesian authorities and banks have together facilitated digital growth for small and medium-sized enterprises through numerous initiatives. It is no surprise, then, that Indonesian startups are capturing market share in everything ranging from e-commerce and online media to transportation, travel and financial services.

In terms of market maturity and business opportunities for foreign companies, Indonesia is definitely on the rise. This huge nation of more than 17,000 islands, the world’s third-largest population presents a compelling case for companies looking to reach a vast new customer base as Southeast Asia expands its influence in the world. 

YVentures Group Pte.Ltd. is a Singapore homegrown investment holding company with businesses ranging from eCommerce to Logistics. We are Singapore’s first eCommerce company to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. What sets us apart from any other eCommerce company is our wide array of data analytical tools that we use for brand partners and our own in-house brands to sell better on different marketplaces.

Since a few years ago, we have been exercising ESEAHub; Asia’s first all-inclusive cross-border portal in the eCommerce industry, aiming to help European brands enter the Southeast Asian eCommerce marketplaces, particularly Indonesian. Thus far, we have helped a number of foreign brands to sell their products in the Southeast Asian markets, such as Besone, Footpure, Dr.ForHair; to name a few.

Recently, we are focusing on one aspect, which is to execute the overall Digital Marketing Campaign for European Fashion Brands that are interested in expanding to Southeast Asia namely Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and so on. In this exercise, we will build and handle various social media presence for your brand, and connect with local audiences to promote your brand, as well. We have a connection with numerous local influencers who can help promote your brand and products even more widespread. 

As integrity and honesty are two of our main core values, we believe that from this exercise, brands can gain feedback from the audience, and therefore, evaluate their decision to eventually launch eCommerce. To put it simply, this is a good way for brands to test the Asian market they are interested in. This way, mutual trust between us and brands is established, because we will always provide solutions and guide you through the journey.

We strongly believe that through the Digital Marketing Campaign we do for your brand, you can gain many insights, namely:

·         What product works vs doesn’t

·         What target thinks about your brand

·         How to improve branding & product

·         Future content improvement

·         What campaign concept works

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